March 22-24, 2002 brought Michigan Fest to the lovely town of Wayne, MI. Tons of kids converged on a giant hall to enjoy some of the greatest hardcore, punk rock, and indie rock bands playing today. Saturday afternoon was kind of slow for an indie rock enthusiast like myself, so it seemed like the best time to unleash my project: taking pictures of kids eating my homemade vegan chocolate chip cookies, or as one boy said, cookies "like mom used to make. minus the vegan".

The sign at my table read "FREE Vegan Cookies.... Certain conditions apply", and the condition of course was that I took a polaroid of each person as they ate the cookie.

Now start clicking on the sliced images at left to see some cookie-eating action!

(oh yeah, please make sure you're using Internet Explorer 5.x or better or Netscape 6.x or you won't be able to see anything!)

**I plan on posting all the polaroids I took of kids eating cookies when I've got the time to do so, and at that point I'll also update the images so that you can read questionnaire answers as well. Sound good?